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Recommendations for the Project

1. Certified Quality Planting Material – for rehabilitation and new plantings, both endemic and exotic:

a. Stock assessment of indigenous / local varieties.

b. Quality assurance system. c. Capacity building.

Manage Pests – Caribbean Plant Health Directors to develop and implement strategies to safeguard and manage major pests of coconuts at national and regional level:

a. Surveillance.

b. Pest risk analysis.

c. Integrated pest management.

2. Enhance Scientific Capacity

a. Strengthen and support ongoing research and development initiatives on major pests – Red Palm Mite (T&T, Dominica, DR, Jamaica, and St. Lucia); Lethal Yellowing (Jamaica, Belize, DR); Red Ring and trunk boring insects (T&T, Guyana, DR and Belize).

b. Build capability for characterizing genetic resources (laboratories and human resources).

c. Support research and development for new niche products and improving production efficiencies.

3. Market Intelligence – Intensify efforts to gather evidence-based market intelligence for growth opportunities:

a. For local consumption.

b. For regional consumption / markets.

c. For international markets.

d. For mainstream and value-added niche markets (CARICOM Oils & Fats).

4. Finance and Business Development – Prioritisation of the key issues for improving the competitiveness of coconuts:

a. Mobilisation of private and public sector funding.

b. Supporting industry clustering , capacity building (scientific research, laboratory facilities, new product development).

c. Explore opportunities for international funding including the 11th EDF.


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