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Processing Coconut Water

Why process coconut water?

 To provide the consumers with value for their money

 To guarantee the consumers that the product they’re drinking is safe

 For convenience

 To extend the shelf life of the product

 To facilitate traceability in the event of a problem


 Nuts purchased are counted at the Farm

 The farmer is given a receipt which indicates the number of nuts purchased, the date and the person who received the nuts

 At the processing plant the duplicate copy is given to the supervisor who signs the triplicate copy in the book after counting the nuts received at the plant

 The nuts are then detached from the bunch and washed and sanitized using a mild bleach

Recording the nuts processed

 The number of nuts processed and the volume of water produced is recorded by the supervisor

 The average yield per nut is calculated and the farmer paid per fluid ounce (fl oz)

 Based on the average yield of a farm a crop husbandry programme is designed and monitored free of charge for the farmer

Processing of water

 The water is strained using a strainer and cheese cloth into 5gallon containers

 Once filled these containers are placed in a Blast freezer for about one hour before they are bottled. This reduces the risk of spoilage that can be caused by increasing temperature

 The water is pumped from the 5 gallon containers to a holding tank using a stainless steel pump

 The water then flows by gravity using PVC pipes calibrated to release the required volume for the bottles being filled

 The filled bottles are then capped packaged and returned to the blast freezer

 The frozen packages are then stored in a freezer awaiting delivery

 The FIFO system is in place

 The product is monitored by the marketing team at all outlets to ensure that the product is displayed properly and at the correct temperature



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