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Improve Market & Product Development Overview

This project seeks to improve market & product development, access to finance, food safety: Improve the flow of vital market information along the value chain including profitability analysis of various value added coconut by-products, quality standards and financing options to support improved enterprise decision making.

Outcome 3: Access to information and advisory services on finance, trade, agriculture, management and markets facilitated for small producers


• Establishment of Alliances for Action
• Technical support services provided via demonstration farms
• National workshops on business planning, market linkages and finance management coaching support
• Enterprise assessments for selection of participating enterprises and direct support provided for improving value addition and competitiveness
• Investment profiles for high potential products/ business and profitability plans for each cluster
• Investment prospectus for coconut products and industry stakeholders
• Advice to producer groups and support institutions on cost benefit analysis of selected product market combinations


Output 3.1 Access to advisory services for improved production, processing and commercialization responding to markets and farmer requirements

• 30 lead farmers selected in Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Guyana directly linked with over 400 second ring farmers

• More than 10 demonstration plots established enable learning and replication of support systems and new techniques for coconut and associated crops.

• Trainings of market intelligence, value addition and business related trainings to lead farmers; national extension officers and other advisors.

• Lead firms, smallholder farmer and support institutions exchanging information on market requirements and market distribution

• 14 selected agro processors and MSMEs’ coached in their factory or processing stations to improve innovation, processing capacity, quality enhancement and overall performance in a way that encourages a multiplier effect for the industry


Output 3.2 The possibility to benefit from increased access to financial services especially smallholders and their professional organizations

• Financial needs of farmers and enterprises gathered in all countries including major obstacles to access to finance

• Engagement with SAFIN, Smallholder Agriculture Finance and Investment network coordinated by IFAD to develop Investment Prospectus in Jamaica and DR

• Advice to producer groups and support institutions on cost benefit analysis of selected product market combinations

• Grupo Rica and Barcelo (DR) and CAMCO (JAM) invested own capital in developing nurseries for coconuts

• Banelino secured a loan through the linkages of IFAD Pro-Rural; IADB CNC and Banelino Banana diversification.

• Development of financial inclusion mechanism for smallholder farmers with DBJ,

• Development of loan package with TEXBEL (Belize) for smallholder farmers


Output 3.3 Support service providers, buyers and technical collaborators brought together to demonstrate how value-addition can be achieved

• More than 500 farmers and 140 extension officers trained in value addition

• Lead farmers and extension officers trained in Guyana, in ‘Value Addition and Food Safety” in collaboration with Alliance Partners, Coconuts Guyana School of Agriculture, Government Analyst Food and Drug Department, National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) and Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED).

• Products developed: coconut butter, water, flour, sugar vinegar, jelly, charcoal




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