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CARDI-ITC: Alliances for Action Webinar Series

CARDI and the ITC Alliances for Action  launched a webinar series to support the Caribbean’s coconut industry in managing this crisis through both emergency measures and future-facing strategies. From safety measures to market trends, experts will start an open conversation with key local actors while providing tools that aim to build capacity.

The first session  was on marketing and branding. This is a key tool for improving competitiveness as image, online presence and social media become increasingly crucial to businesses with this crisis. The following was discussed on  May 27, 2020:

– Why you should invest in your image and communication
– The 7 key principles for good marketing (and better business)
– The power of storytelling
– Best practice examples
– Networking tools
– Leveraging social media
– The do’s and don’ts

On June 5, 2020  the webinar series continued with a session on COVID-19 impact on small farmers worldwide, and their strategy response.  A presentation was made on the  recent report published by ITC Alliances for Action which draws on 14 interviews with small farmer representatives from across the globe.  The following  key points were discussed :

– Main impact points triggered by COVID-19
– Strategies for farmer resilience today and growth tomorrow
– A presentation from the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Fair Trade Small Producers and Workers (CLAC)
– A testimony from the Farmers Union Network of Liberia (FUN)

The third session focused on the changes in the food and hospitality industry after COVID-19. An overview  was given on how trends are shifting, since social distance measures have forced the hospitality industry to quickly review services. Consumers have changed their behaviors, accelerating digitalization and trends linked to sustainability.  The following was discussed on June 9, 2020 :

– Innovation through technology: delivery, front house and sales digitalization
– Food retail: new channels, strategies on differentiation
– Sustainability: circular economy, health and safety


See the link to the webinar sessions here


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