Production and Productivity

Coconut Water Production and Processing and Sustainable Coconut Water Sector #

This presentation consists of three (3) key speakers and experts in the field of coconut water processing and value chains. The speakers gave a scientific breakdown on processing techniques, its benefits, and the marketing potential of these products. You can view the entire video above or Skip to individual presentations using the “Skip to Presentation” timestamps below.

1. Prima Luna, Ph.D – Overview of Coconut Water Processing, Production, and Sustainable Value Chain Skip to Presentation

2. Mr. Krit Lajaroj – Coconut Water Processing and Marketing Skip to Presentation

3. Dr. C. Anandharamakrishan – Sustainable Coconut Water Value Chain Skip to Presentation

4. Question and Answer Segment Skip to Segment

Sustainable Coconut Production, The Way Forward #

Dr. Wayne Myrie – The Production of Coconut Palms Skip to Presentation

Dr. Wayne Myrie Addresses Questions Skip to Segment

Dr. Pons Batugal – Climate Smart Agriculture and Organic Farming Applications in Coconut Growing Communities Skip to Presentation

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